European Freaks

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European Freaks Performance approaching premiere

If a historian in the future would have to guess the condition of the EU based on articles and news from 2018, probably the prognosis would not be very optimistic. 2019 is a fate year for the EU — facing BREXIT and the EU-elections. What should we do next: is it cosmetic intervention, facelift, or reanimation that is needed? What happened to the European idea? Budapest based theatre collective STEREO AKT creates a participative performance on the spot, based on the experiences, questions and dilemmas raised by the conference „European Freaks’ Con” (2-3 February 2019). Tübingen locals get involved in a citizen stage project to take part in the creation process of an exciting, provocative and funny contemporary theatre piece. With an animator on stage and innovative sound design the show tries to imagine a Europe 2.0. Can we defibrillate the pulse of Europe?

Opening night: Thursday 14 March, 8 pm
Shows: 15/16/21/22/23 March, 8 pm each
Location: at former cinema LÖWEN (Kornhausstraße 5, Tübingen)

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Call for Participation

Open call for participation: civil stage theatre project “European Freaks“
First workshops 23 February (3-8pm) and 24 February (4-8pm)

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European Freaks‘ Participatory Project and initial European Freaks‘ Con

2019 is a fateful year for Europe. From 1 to 3 February 2019, the ITZ at the Zimmertheater Tübingen, Shedhalle Tübingen – Forum for Contemporary Arts, the NGO Citizens of Europe (Berlin) and the Hungarian theatre collective STEREO AKT (Budapest) are jointly organising an interdisciplinary barcamp at the old cinema Löwen in Tübingen entitled „European Freaks‘ Con 2019“ with open forums, artistic contributions and controversial discussions.

In the field of tension between aesthetic practice, political education and artistic research, artists, activists, scientists and committed individuals are invited to form a creative platform together with the interested public to present artistic-political positions and jointly develop new ideas and utopias for a future Europe.

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With the Hungarian theatre collective STEREO AKT, which will move into the ITZ for several weeks from 1 February, a participative performance project entitled „European Freaks“ will be developed, inspired by the initial European Freaks‘ Con, with performance dates from 14 March. Interested Tübingen citizens can actively participate in this international citizens‘ stage.

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A project by Institut für Theatrale Zukunftsforschung (ITZ) im Zimmertheater Tübingen in cooperation with Shedhalle Tübingen – Forum für zeitgenössische Künste, Citizens of Europe (Berlin) and Stereo Akt (Budapest).

Supported by Allianz Kulturstiftung and Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg